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    Best Party 4 U

what is best party 4 u ?


   I am Sandrine, the founder of Best Party 4 U. Along with my little elves I give your children the best party ever !


   My journey started when my child was very young ; I begun organising parties for any occasion, for him to have fun with his friends. The older he got the more sophisticated the parties became. Being surrounded by children of different ages and background, I started to understand what children really like. That's when my idea of theme birthday parties came. 

Thanks to popular demand I started to do it professionally!


   A little bit about my background (feel free to skip that part) ....

After graduating from 3 different masters ( in English, Art History and teaching as a foreign language) in La Sorbonne, Paris, I decided to discover the world. I, then, lived in various european countries and in Australia, and visited many others. 13 years ago, I finally settled in Japan with my family, in love with that magical country, working as a language teacher, then a full time mum until I started this adventure. I am also a regular participant on a TV show, NHK Cool Japan, and have been for the past 8 years. I also wrote an article in French for Vivre à Tokyo, on where to find toys.


  And maybe the most important information, I love playing with kids, still a kid at heart.....and they love it too!

But enough about me, this concept is all about your children and their particular needs and wishes.

Give your child the best party ever, contact us to discuss what you really want !

Our  party concept

  All children have a favourite movie, character or book. They dream to be immersed in that atmosphere and play out their favourite character. They want to create something, play with it and bring it home for more hours of play and a memory of the great time they had! They don't just want to watch a show, sitting down quiet and passive. They prefer to participate, create, be the actors at their party. That's why this concept is all about them, tailor made to their needs, desires and abilities.


   First step : contact us ; when you have an idea of a theme, place and package (we will be able to help and advise your your choices), we will arrange a meeting, conducted in English or French. If your time is limited we can discuss on the phone. During this free consultation, you will tell us the details of who your child is, what he/she likes and what you require. We will help you define your plan by asking you specific questions about the event, and showing you sample of our work. We will then decide together how to proceed for your child to have a unique and sensational birthday party !

We can prepare special invitations for your guests. 

On the day, we will decorate the room of your choice, thinking of every single details to transform a simple room into the magical world that your child choose to be immersed in.  

The party starts with the welcoming of your child and his/her guests. Our props will help them transform into their chosen characters and we will take a souvenir pic in a theme appropriate Photo Booth. Then everybody will have fun during two hours of age appropriate activities in accordance to the chosen theme. We usually start by making an object that they can use during the party and bring home, like a lightsaber, a wand, a lei necklace, a princess hat or a knight helmet......

A more physical activity will follow, they need to burn all that excess energy before cake time ! It can be an obstacle course, a training academy, a match ... all related to the theme.

They will then settle down, playing a more quiet "cerebral" activity, like a quiz or a mini science experiment.

You can then choose to have a piñata filled with delicious sweets....

During the whole party but especially during their feast, the Photo Booth and the opening of the presents, we will take some photos, edit them and publish them in our Facebook page where you and your guests will be able to download them freely. We might also use some of those for our website, flyers and other promotional tools. If you or your guests do not wish to have photos taken and/or published, we won't take any, or won't publish those with the kids who do not wish to have them published. But this is the only way we will use, we won't send them to you via another media or usb key... You are always free to take your own photos.


The party will last for either 2 or 3 hours, depending on the package chosen. If you wish to extend it for the kids to have a free time playing or to invite their parents for a drink at the end, we will leave you during that time, and will wait outside, but we will bill you for the extra hour(s), please let us know beforehand.

When all your guests have left (maybe with our loot bags and party favours), we will clear up the room.

If that sounds like what you are searching for, don't wait ! Contact us and book your date, we are looking forward to meeting you, and helping you.


It is best to contact us 2 months, and at least 4 weeks, in advance as weekends are quickly booked and it takes time to get the supplies and prepare the items specifically designed for you.

Let us know if anyone has allergies or medical issues beforehand, we cannot be held responsible if anything happens without our knowledge of a pre-existing condition.

If the party is at your place, make sure to move all the furniture before our arrival, so that we can start decorating straight away and not waste any time ! In any case, we cannot help in moving heavy furniture. 

If the party is at your place or a room you have booked, a parking space need to be supplied for the day of the party. We can come to your location anywhere inside the Yamanote Line at no extra cost, outside is possible on request, but a 2000 yens extra will be added to the bill

Also for those locations, the children are under your responsibility if any harm should come to them during the party.